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Money Back Guarantee Policy Explained The enzyme power of NuZymes, only better!  You've likely heard of enzymes and already know they are important for your digestion.  But you may not know just how necessary enzymes are to every cell in your body—not just for digestion, but for all your physiological processes.  Enzymes are your body's workers.  They are responsible for energy production, fighting infections and healing wounds, reducing inflammation, carrying away toxic waste and slowing the aging process.  When you were young, you had an abundant supply of enzymes and energy.  You felt great with enzymes to spare, which kept your body running efficiently.

Over time, you begin to lose that efficiency.  You might not notice right away, but eventually you’ll realize you’re less able to eat some of the foods you love or are less able to recover as quickly from the aches and pains of weekend activities. This reduced digestive ability, vitality and stamina can signal an enzyme deficiency, specifically a protease deficiency.



Protease is the digestive enzyme needed to digest protein.  Proteolytic enzymes break down the peptide bonds in protein to free the amino acids needed by your body.  Additionally, these enzymes have been used in a variety of therapies based on studies indicating their benefits in oncology, inflammatory conditions and immune regulation.  The following is a list of some possible health benefits of supplementing with protease:

  • May improve symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease
  • Helps repair cellular damage of stomach ulcers
  • Could reduce osteoarthritis discomfort
  • Encourages good digestive health
  • May decrease gastric discomfort and gas

NuZymes Plus offers all the enzyme benefits of NuZymes, but with the addition of multiple enzymes, including Alpha-galactosidase, known to alleviate gastric discomfort and gas.  Combining different proteases from a variety of sources provides a much broader range of digestive capability.  NuZymes Plus also has dramatically increased lipase levels, which is especially helpful in the digestion of dietary fats.  If you like NuZymes, you’ll love NuZymes Plus!

26 reviews for NuZymes Plus

  1. Donna A.

    I took these for years and then quit taking them. It took a while but I began having stomach pains, constipation problems, gut cramps, etc. It finally dawned on me that I needed my digestive enzymes. Needless to say I have reordered them!

  2. August M.

    This has been the only thing that has really helped me over the past 10 years with my reflux problem. Presently I only take them occasionally now.

  3. Ivy N.

    I have been using this product for years and it works great! I wouldn’t be without it.

  4. Dorothy C.

    Most effective and helpful product I have ever taken!

  5. Bob R.

    I started taking Nu-Zymes about a month ago. My stomach constantly hurt and my gut churned all the time. I bought a bottle as a last resort because I have tried almost everything out there. Within 2 days the constant turmoil in my gut vanished! I always had constant stomach pain, gas and churning in my gut. The relief has been truly amazing. I just bought another 6 bottles!

  6. Wilfred F.

    Yes it works when nothing else did. I ran out for a while and I have re-ordered.

  7. Jenny D.

    Best product ever…I can enjoy every meal without worry of later belly aches, heartburn, bloating….

  8. John M.

    Been using Nuzymes for years and transformed my life.

  9. Al W.

    I have been using NU-ZYMES for years and they WORK GREAT! I had no energy, felt tired and had REALLY BAD ACID REFLUX. I even had chest pains from the acid and had a lump in my throat when it got bad. I’ve been dealing with this for over two years. One day I thought I was a going to die. I had pain in my left and right arm and went to the hospital to get my heart checked, but no heart issues (47years old). I told my buddy about this (he’s into all natural products). He gave me a bottle of Nu-Zymes. He told me to take two capsules with each meal and see what happens after a few weeks. It was like magic! It took about one month and the acid stopped. No more chest pains, no lump in the throat and my energy level came back. Now I maintain my enzyme level. I take one a day and I feel great! It’s better than that Purple Pill. I’m living proof this product works. Don’t look at the price – your health is #1. Good health to you!

  10. Stan P.

    Great product!

  11. Eva W.

    I’ve been using Nu-Zymes and Nu-Zymes Plus for several yeas and they’ve been my ONLY recourse to being able to eat almost anything I want to because I’ve been able to digest everything.

  12. Charles L.

    Nu-Zymes Plus really works.

  13. tanglewoodfarm

    NuZymes Plus works for my digestive tract. Thank you!

  14. P. Sims

    I’ve been using NuZymes for over 10 yrs. I can’t being to tell you how much I love this product. I had issues after everything I ate and never wanted to go out and eat. After I started taking NuZymes I have no issues after eating. Thank you and I would recommend these to everyone.

  15. Charles L.

    Ran out for a while; now they’re back at a reasonable price. And so am I.

  16. RON B.

    WE ENJOY YOUR PRODUCTS. Super C22 is the BEST!!!!!!!!!

  17. Kaylyn F.

    Before discovering NuZymes, I was plagued with many digestive issues. I was miserable by the end of every day. It may not be a cure, but it allows me to live a whole lot more normally now. I will not be without NuZymes!

  18. Dorothy F.

    A friend gave me some NuZymes Plus to try and I liked the results.

  19. Wilfred F.

    NuZymes Plus has made digesting certain foods easier for me.

  20. Johnny C

    NuZymes plus has been doing wonders for my cholesterol and triglyceride levels!

  21. dick huff

    My friend says it’s great! I can’t wait to try it!

  22. Trish

    Had so many digestive problems after my colon surgery and being diagnosed with diverticulosis and IBS syndrome but not now since taking Nu-Zymes. It’s the best!

  23. trishie36

    I have been using this product for about a year now and love the results. I had my gallbladder removed years ago and then ended up with what the doctor calls IBS. Since I started taking these pills I no longer have pains in my stomach and it helps with bowel movements. Didn’t cure my problem completely but it sure has helped a lot. Before I would be in so much pain (like giving birth kind of pain) and I am so glad to have found this product and will continue to use it.

    • kathleens

      Thank you so much for sharing your success story! We’re glad NuZymes is working well for you.

  24. Sherry Field

    I have used this product for years and cannot be without it.

  25. William Beaumont

    My sister gave me a bottle and they work great. Reduced my pain and my bowel movements are more normal.

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