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Glucosamine Cream

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Money Back Guarantee Policy Explained If you’re one of the 86 million American adults afflicted with an “itis” such as arthritis or bursitis, or suffer from sore knees, hip pain or carpal tunnel, the pain can cause misery and keep you from living life to the fullest.  Glucosamine Cream brings soothing relief to aching muscles while also supporting healthy joints. 



Fast Acting Relief

  • Glucosamine Cream is different because it’s transdermal.  With just one pump of this hassle-free, non-greasy formula, your tired, sore joints and muscles will find soothing relief. It’s targeted to help reduce inflammation and improve joint health.


31 reviews for Glucosamine Cream

  1. George

    I couldn’t live without this. I get leg cramps that hit 7 or 8 on the pain scale, so I reach for a tube of this, put it on, and the pain is gone within seconds. I always keep some of this in my luggage. I have recommended this to others, who agree with my assessment.

  2. Sigrid

    I have been using Glucosamine Cream anywhere it hurts and is painful. I love this stuff, have been on it for years, and it really WORKS. It’s not cheap, but living in pain is no picnic. I recommend it to anyone in pain and with aches.

  3. Evelyn

    Have been using Dr. Janet’s glucosamine cream for many many years. Could not even walk without pain as well as pain in all my joints. It does work in 15 min. I could not live without it as the pain is so great. I simply depend on it.

  4. Chris R.

    This is great!

  5. Eddie B.

    Hi. I had a full knee replacement 12 weeks ago. I have been in severe pain since then, until now. I started using Glucosamine Cream and within ten minutes the pain had gone. I will recommend it to my family and friends. Thank you!

  6. Donna L.

    Just started using Glucosamine Cream 3 months ago and it is fantastic. Don’t take pain meds anymore. I have arthritis in
    knees & and hips and Bursitis in the balls of my feet and this cream has been fantastic. Started walking, riding my bike and
    even went dancing. What a difference in how I feel! By the way, I’m 77 years old.

  7. Seth W.

    It’s awesome!

  8. Maryla H.

    Great – it has a very soothing effect. NO smell. Love it!

  9. Donnia

    It’s awesome!

  10. Donna

    This took away my pain in several joints. A little goes a long way, so a tube lasts a long time.

  11. Massage Therapist

    I don’t know about relief in 15 minutes but it does help with pain in my hands, wrists and forearms. I’ve used it for a couple of years and it is worth it. I don’t have regular clients so I don’t use it on them, but I have recommended it to several who said they just may try it!

  12. Robert F.

    Great for relief of arthritis pain which magically seems to go away. Also regularly used by my wife for Fibromyalgia pain with success.

  13. BJ Cooper

    Glucosamine Cream is good for pain relief.

  14. BJ Cooper

    Glucosamine Cream is great for hip/neck pain!

  15. David N.

    Glucosamine Cream helps take the pain away in my hip!

  16. David N.

    Glucosamine cream works great! I used to have lots of pain and it takes it away.

  17. Elida L.

    15 minutes like it says! It’s amazing! I normally take an inflammatory prescription but I haven’t taken one in about 3 days. This cream really works. You won’t know if you don’t buy it and try it. I was in doubt, but I read a statement that said if you don’t buy it you will never know and so I bought it and guess what it really works!

  18. brian c.

    Glucosamine Cream really works!

  19. Jack H

    I am 70 years old and have been a once-a-day user for many years. This product certainly works for me; it provides real relief for pain in my knees. I recommend it.

  20. George B.

    For years I have gotten cramps in my legs in the middle of the night that hit 7 or 8 on the pain scale and there was nothing I could do other than suffer until they went away. As a daily user of glucosamine for joint pains, I thought I would try Dr. Janet’s Glucosamine Cream. IT WAS FANTASTIC! I just spread some of this on the area where the muscle had cramped and the pain would disappear within a couple of minutes. I have been using this product for about six years. I keep a tub in my luggage, another in my briefcase, several by my bed, and even one in my office. I helped to bring two prescription drugs onto the market during my career, so I know something about the industry. This product out-performs everything on the market and I recommend it to colleagues on a frequent basis.

  21. Horatio P.

    Glucosamine Cream is the best remedy that works!

  22. Jessica

    I get over-stressed Charlie horses in a weird spot, the back of my neck and upper back/shoulders. I usually have this ongoing for a couple of weeks, sometimes a month, the pain will range from a 7 to a 9 and my mobility is affected by about 70%. It’s like when you sleep and can’t move the neck, only a million times worse and constant. I put this on there, and within 45 minutes it was completely gone!!!!! IN LOVE!

  23. Teresa S.

    I used this product several years ago and then put it aside because the pain began to diminish. After a few years, the pain started back. I went looking for the products I had put aside and found 2 tubes with just a bit in both. I used it on my arm and like they said within 15 minutes the pain was almost totally gone! Reordering!!

  24. Bob macDermott

    It really works!

  25. Fran

    I believe not only does this work for pain but also helps rebuild. I have knee injuries and had surgical procedures on both knees. I used Glucosamine Cream before and after surgery and my knees are almost perfect. I started using it years ago for consistent pain from injuries and arthritis. The 15 minute rule is correct as others have stated. That’s about what it takes. You might experience a minor sensation as it works its magic then in 15 minutes – no pain. I too feel like I have my life back.

  26. Bette

    I introduced this to a friend who had extreme pain in her hands and she says, as I do, it really
    works in 15 minutes. Excellent product.

  27. Donna

    My knees hurt at night and the pain wakes me. All I have to do is rub one squirt on and within 10+ minutes, I can go back to sleep through the rest of the night. Works great during the day if I need it too!

  28. Chuck

    I have been using Glucosamine Cream for about 4 months. I have really bad pain in my legs. If I apply the cream at night before bed I have a more restful night’s sleep and usually will wake up with less pain. I agree with other commenters from above – when I am experiencing an acute attack of pain the cream will just barely numb the pain. I find it’s better to use it before it gets really bad. It also helps with the muscle spasms while sleeping at night.

  29. Rodger Williams

    First started using Glucosamine cream 6 years ago and I will say there is nothing like it. It does everything it says it does. So you people out there that have tried all the others, get on this one. It’s the best one! RGW

  30. Vicky

    I have been using Glucosamine Cream cream for a few years now and love it! It not only works on various aches and pains, but I have been using it for restless leg syndrome as well as severe leg cramping. Within minutes my pain is gone and the muscles relaxed.

    If I put it on my legs before I go to sleep, I found I sleep through the night with being woke up from cramping or them becoming restless.
    I have also used it on my belly during “that time of the month” and it works on relieving that type of cramping as well.
    THANK YOU! It is a beautiful product!

  31. Dale

    I have been using Dr Janet’s Glucosamine Cream (dual action) for many years now and it greatly relieves my pain. It doesn’t erase it when it is excruciating nerve pain but it makes it tolerable.
    I have been in pain since 1982 due to a number of accidents that damaged both my upper and lower back, and now I have severe pain in both my hips. I have my life back, for me this is the best instant relief on the market. There are days when there is pain without nerve involvement and on those days it works like a charm and I can get on with my day. I have days when I feel I can’t walk due to hip pain, I use the cream and within 15 minutes I am walking without even thinking of the pain.
    There is a statement on the container that says ” Works within 15 minutes” and that is true. If it doesn’t work in that time then it isn’t the right product for you. I have introduced the cream to others and some get relief and others don’t, but the 15 minute test is all you need to determine whether it will help you or not.
    I have tried a lot of products over the years as there were too many days that I just couldn’t get up, or even move my back because I couldn’t stand the pain. I have been taking anti-inflammatory medication, pain medication, muscle relaxants for many years and they weren’t enough. Dr. Janet’s Glucosamine cream used with my regular medication is the best and fastest relief I have ever had.
    I am very tight with my money but this is an investment that I can’t do without.

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