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CalMax® Gold

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Money Back Guarantee Policy Explained Both calcium and magnesium have a number of other roles in the body and are vital for a huge range of interrelated functions that contribute to overall health, energy, metabolism, and brain function.  Magnesium deficiency can be responsible for a whole host of symptoms including, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.  Magnesium is also vital for proper melatonin and serotonin regulation, which greatly affect mood.  Magnesium is routinely used for muscle issues such as cramping and restless leg syndrome.


Each serving of CalMax® Gold provides:

  • 400 mg of calcium
  • 200 mg of magnesium
  • 500 mg of vitamin C

CalMax® Gold is a fast-dissolving calcium and magnesium powdered supplement with trace minerals to help support your body's overall health. An instant mineral powder with the 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium often recommended by doctors.



Calcium works to excite nerves, to stimulate a reaction, allowing the body to communicate, contract muscles etc.  Magnesium is vital for inhibitory control, blocking certain channels to prevent unwanted reactions, allowing muscles to relax and generally helping to control the nervous system.  It is especially important for control of the cardiovascular system and regulation of the heart, preventing misfired signals caused by excess calcium, to maintain a steady even beat with a strong contraction.

Magnesium is a key component of most heart disease treatments. Risk factors associated with heart disease such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and stress itself are all strongly associated with poor magnesium intake.

CalMax® Gold  is one of the best ways to support bone and heart health. The FDA has recognized that regular exercise and a healthy diet with enough calcium may help women reduce their high risk of osteoporosis later in life CalMax® Gold is an instant mineral powder with the 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium often recommended by doctors.

3 reviews for CalMax® Gold

  1. Niki

    I don’t usually write reviews unless I believe in a product. I take CalMax for Fibromyalgia and my husband takes it for leg cramps, which he has really bad. Believe me, this product works.

  2. Steph

    I had a motorcycle accident and my right leg was put back together with pins, plates and rods from ankle to hip. For 20 years I’ve been using CalMax. When I don’t use it, I’m in pain. When I use it, I’m not. That’s all I have to say.

  3. Yelena

    When I started taking Calmax Plus, I stopped having cramps and pain in my legs, which I have had from a very young age, especially in cold, wet weather. I drink it before bed and feel a pleasant relaxation. I have problems with swallowing pills and am so thankful for CalMax Plus.

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